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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mark Field MP Expenses Affair - "Social Responsibility Down View Images" - OLIVER LETWIN MP ** PEMBERTON GREENISH EXPERT WITNESS FILES - Westminster MP Bribery Corruption Fraud Files - Carroll Trust - Biggest Organised Crime Conspiracy Case

Sensational new disclosures in American and British media reports on the Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars fraud heist operation which stretches the globe have revealed that the former 10 Downing Street national security mandarins Sir Peter Ricketts and Sir David Omand are thought to be coming under severe pressure to issue a public statement of clarification surrounding the Metropolitan Police corruption bribery allegations in the Carroll Foundation case.

It is understood that extracts of the explosive Downing Street Cabinet Office Carroll Trust case files contain forensic evidential material reflecting a startling litany of subversive obstruction offences which are thought to have impulsed the co-ordinated break-ins burglaries and multiple criminal seizure offences that were targeted at the Carroll Foundation's world wide interests.

Further leaked sources close to the investigative journalists covering this sensational unfolding story have revealed that Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard senior officers are also named in the 10 Downing Street Cabinet Office files which are understood to link aides to Prime Minister David Cameron's deep personal involvement in this dangerous Anthony Clarke London Business Angels crime syndicate scandal.

It is believed that the Metropolitan Police have also been charged to co-ordinate a containment operation within a systematic regime of further disturbing activities designed to support Downing Street's attempted cover up and obstruction offences which would ultimately provide a perceived public screen of probity for Barclays RBS Coutts & Co and HSBC Holdings Plc. high level named executives who are believed to be soon confronting major criminal allegations of money laundering offshore tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud in the closely connected Carroll Maryland Trust case.

There is a complete - LOCKDOWN - of this US HM Crown Carroll Maryland Trust Economic National Security one billion dollars ($ Case at the FBI Washington DC field office "in concert" with the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Directorate London.